You ain’t seen nothing, yet.

Heineken asked us to make a local tie-in to their global Open the City campaign. We started with an insight: even when you're a local, there's always someone who knows the nightlife in your city better than you do. So we asked two local heroes - rapper Sef in Amsterdam and 'professional Rotterdammer' Sjoerd - to show 2 duos of regular guys their side of the city, which led to hookers, tattoo artists, hidden bars, nuns, harbour poker games and drone delivered late night snacks. Of course, everyone was in on it, except our clueless victims. Tied into it was a website where you could find and add hidden treasures in your own city, potentially winning a city trip. Together, the online videos reached over 2.540.000 views - not bad in a 16 million people country. Local pride played its part, as shown by the high number of shares. And our 'victims' became local heroes.