One question changes football

What's the measure of sportsmanship? How generous your opponent feels towards you at the end of the match - and vice versa.

This is a personal cause that I've been lobbying for with the Dutch national football association. It's a simple idea: after the match, ask both teams to rank the other on sportsmanship (aka fair play). Add it to the match form to create a national ranking of clubs. Then award the good clubs with a seal of approval and a spotlight in local media and a national campaign. Because when you're looking for a club for your kids to play at, you want them to be safer - which they'll be at a good club. That means the 'sportieve' clubs will grow, and the others will have to improve in order not to be left behind - with which the KNVB can help. And who doesn't want to sponsor sportsmanship?

I pitched this idea and it's under consideration of the board. So fingers crossed!