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drs. René van der Hoofd, MA
 Freelance Strategist / Creative Director / Copywriter

Brand Strategy
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Campaign Strategy
Creative Direction
Copywriting ENG/NL
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How do you make your brand or product matter to your target group? As a brand, you shouldn’t be the hero of the story. That part is reserved for your customer. But you can still be their Gandalf, their Yoda, their Hermione. It’s a surefire way to be part of their adventure - and the sequel. I can help you get there. Together, we develop a clear identity, with a value propositon and a brand promise in your own recognizable voice. If you already have an established brand, we can make it sing with great creative work.

Throughout the years, I have expanded my services. From creative copywriter to creative director to the heart of the matter as a strategy director - all for leading advertising agencies. That means I have a good idea of where things may end up creatively, once we start your brand positioning journey. It stops you from wasting time and money on dead end streets, or constantly second guessing your own marketing materials. Instead, lay the foundations for a memorable and heartfelt brand.

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I am based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
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